Who we are

The PNE WIND Group is an international wind power pioneer from Germany and one of the most experienced developers of onshore and offshore wind farms. The enterprise combines economic success with ecological responsibility. 

Every day, the approx. 360 staff employed by the PNE WIND Group dedicate themselves to moving one step closer to realising the vision of energy supplies provided solely by renewable energy sources. For clean, sustainable energy production - now and in the future.

The two brands operated by the PNE WIND Group are PNE WIND and WKN. From initial site exploration and the approval procedure, financing and turnkey construction, to operation and repowering at the end of the system's useful life, the services offered encompass all phases of the wind power project.  

Since 1990, the PNE WIND Group has successfully realised more than 200 onshore wind farms with a total nominal capacity of more than 2,400 MW. The company already has more than 25 years of experience in an industry that is still very new.

Our strategy

Economic success and ecological responsibility


The PNE WIND Group is among Germany's leading project managers, covering the entire value chain including development, planning, realisation, financing, operations, sales and repowering for wind farms on land in Germany and abroad all from one source. The offshore wind farms at sea are developed up to the point where they are ready to be constructed. Our goal is to realise our projects in close collaboration with all stakeholders. From initial surveys through to wind farm operation, we agree every step with local citizens, authorities, politicians, municipal authorities and investors. 

The PNE WIND Group currently has subsidiaries and joint ventures in Europe, South Africa and North America. This wide, 

and flexible structure makes the concern more independent of potential fluctuations in individual markets and business areas. Essential factors for entry into new markets include a high degree of political stability and cooperation with local partners who have an extensive network at their disposal. 

The PNE WIND Group has been successfully operating in the wind power market since 1990. In doing so, we make an effective contribution to climate protection and help develop a future-oriented technology. This boosts the creation of sustainable jobs both in Germany and abroad.

Corporate history

A short journey through the history of PNE WIND


Company founded

The foundation stone of our corporate history was laid in Cuxhaven in 1994 with the establishment of "Windpark Marschland GmbH".

Our first wind farm

Two years later, in 1997, we proudly completed our first wind farm in Nordleda.

Stock market flotation

In 1998, the company was floated on the stock market under the name "Plambeck Neue Energien AG". The initials PNE are still used in our company name.

100 MW wind power

We passed the first major milestone in 2000 on exceeding 100 MW of installed nominal capacity from wind energy.

Growing strongly

Wind farms at sea are an important mainstay of the energy revolution. In 2004, we obtained a building permit for our first offshore project, "Borkum Riffgrund I". This wind farm now feeds electricity into the German network. Image source: DONG Energy

500 MW wind power

In 2006, we exceeded 500 MW of installed nominal capacity from wind energy, thus passing another milestone in our corporate history. Another sensational success was achieved the same year with the issue of a building permit for the offshore project "Gode Wind I".

Globalisation begins

In 2007, Plambeck Neue Energien AG's international growth takes shape with the establishment of the first joint ventures in Hungary, Belgium and Turkey.

Globalisation progresses

From 2008, the company focuses firmly on its core business of wind farm project planning. Its international activities are also purposefully expanded with the establishment of branches in the UK, Romania and the USA.


In 2009, the company was renamed "PNE WIND AG". Our offshore business segment is getting better and better; we obtain a building permit for the offshore project "Gode Wind II".

Gode Wind II ready to construct

The offshore wind farm "Gode Wind II", the planning of which is our responsibility, is made ready for construction.

Strong partner in Scotland

The Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) selects PNE WIND AG as its partner for the development of a wind farm in central Scotland. The offshore project "Nautilus I" is sold.

Gode Wind I-III

The offshore wind farm projects "Gode Wind" I to III are sold to the Danish energy concern DONG Energy.


Mid-2013, the majority shares in WKN AG, which was founded in 1990 in Husum, were acquired by PNE WIND AG. WKN AG is still an independent brand consolidated into the PNE WIND Group. That same year, PNE WIND AG's 100th wind farm is planned successfully and the offshore segment was expanded by the acquisition of the three projects "Atlantis" I-III.

2,000 MW nominal output

In 2014, the PNE WIND Group reaches the goal of 2,000 MW installed nominal capacity for wind energy, and is now one of the leading, most successful wind power planners.

UK project pipeline

PNE WIND sells its entire project pipeline in the UK, closing the largest transaction since the sale of the "Gode Wind" offshore projects. In Hesse, we set up our first wind energy trail, inviting people to recharge energy during a walk and learn more about the power of the wind.

Sale of the wind farm portfolio

In 2014, the PNE WIND Group began to successively bundle completed wind farms into a portfolio. In December 2016 the wind farm portfolio with a size of 142 MW was sold to a subsidiary of Allianz Global Investors. A strategy which until then was unique in the German wind industry. PNE WIND holds a 20 percent share in the portfolio and is responsible for the operational management.


In developing clean and sustainable energy resources PNE Wind is making a substantial contribution to the reduction of climate damaging gases and helping to protect the future for humankind, the environment and nature. The “Altenbruch II” wind farm alone reduces the annual emission of approximately 38,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 197 tons of sulphur dioxide and 49 tons of nitric oxide. However, the generation of electricity from wind power not only makes a positive contribution to the environment but also contributes to saving the limited reserves of fossil fuels, since these are far too valuable just to be burned. From an economic point of view there is a positive effect in that the generation of electricity is decentralised and thus the import of expensive fuels is reduced and avoided. Value is added where electricity is generated from wind power. As a result the wind farms developed and operated by ourselves are assuring a clean supply of electricity for the future in an environmentally friendly and economically correct manner. 

We value the importance of experienced partners within the context of international expansion. Our policy is only to enter new markets if we can do this 

jointly with local partners who have good local networks. We are sustainably strengthening the local economy by working consistently with partners on site. In this respect, the principle also applies to professionally qualified cooperation based on trust with the project partners and other participants. 

Regular evaluations of our employees and their tasks enable us to constantly adjust in a performance-related manner specially tailored requirement profiles for the corresponding tasks. In this way high standards can be achieved and maintained in the most varied task areas. Our expertise in the market should be strengthened further through the assurance of the specific qualifications of our employees and the constant optimisation of all processes. 

By providing regular training places for young people and continuous on-the-job and external training opportunities for all staff we are assuming our social responsibilities to the local communities where we work. As a general rule our younger employees choose to remain with the Company after training.