Attractive and responsible investments

Investments in renewable energies support climate protection and are also attractive. Ecological responsibility and business performance consequently go hand in hand. 

The PNE Group has been developing and selling onshore wind farms since 1990 - in Germany and abroad. We insist on the highest standards of quality, transparency and integrity and attach great importance to competent long-term partnerships. Our wind farms are all high-quality projects planned and realised responsibly with a wealth of experience going back around 25 years.

The purchasers of our wind farms include institutional investors, energy suppliers, investment companies and international concerns such as Allianz, EnBW, DONG Enrgy, Brookfield, the CHORUS Group and KGAL. 

Your contact:
Jörg Schröder
Head of Onshore Sales
Tel.: +49 (0) 47 21 718 - 721
E-mail: Joerg.Schroeder(at)