Partner for planners

We develop projects together with you

Owing to our extensive experience in the difficult business of wind farm project development, we can act as a partner for other developers and all those who are planning with wind power. We will acquire projects that are already under development or we can help as a partner to complete the remaining steps to finalization together. In this field as well, our objective is to expeditiously complete all of the further steps up to commissioning and to achieve the successful implementation of such projects. 

Up to the approval of a wind farm, there are many uncertainties that may delay a project or result in higher costs. These effects might intensify in view of the tendering process for onshore wind farms in Germany, which is planned by the legislators for the future.

Should you as a wind farm developer decide to sell the rights in a project started by yourself, we are the people to contact.


Your contact:
Jens-Ulrich Biermann
Acquisition National Onshore
+49 4721 718 730