Land owners

Wind power in the right place

Do you have a plot of land you would like to use for wind energy?

With a total realized output of more than 2,600 MW wind power in several countries, PNE has extensive expertise in the realisation of wind farm projects.

But how does such a wind farm actually come into being? This video clip gives you an idea.


from a partnership with the PNE Group

Wind energy projects are complex plans that raise numerous technical, managerial and legal questions. In our departments we bundle the expertise required to implement these plans successfully. 

From surveys to building permits, we agree every step with the authorities, political organisations and communities involved. All this costs time and money. We see it as a good investment.

Once all the obstacles to building the wind farm have been overcome, the next steps are initiated, from the construction of the foundations and access roads to the transportation of individual components and the installation of the turbine house and rotors. It goes without saying that we select only the latest technologies and give preference to local companies and tradespeople.

Once construction work on the wind farm is complete, we hand it over to one of our stable and reliable partners, for example Allianz. 

This ensures that the wind farm will be operated continuously in the long term by well-established companies.

This partnership doesn't change anything for the land owner. He will still be working with professionals. In most cases, the technical and commercial management of the wind farm remains in our hands. This means we maintain our direct connection with the wind farm and can help determine its rhythm.

Once the wind farm has exhausted its full potential, the wind power station is dismantled. It can then be used in one of two ways: firstly, the area can be returned to its original state and used that way. Alternatively, a more modern wind power station with a higher capacity can be built, a process known as repowering. In this instance, surveys and permits have to be applied for and obtained all over again; the process is repeated. Here too, the PNE Group ensures that everything is perfectly coordinated.