The energy revolution with the PNE Group

The supply of sustainable energy from renewable sources has increased dramatically in recent years. Wind power makes a particularly significant contribution to electricity generation. Since 1990, the PNE Group has 

successfully realised more than 200 onshore wind farms with a total nominal output of more than 2,600 MW in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland and the USA. Have a look at our references.


Finding the right location

The first step is to identify a suitable location. This involves an investigation of the area in accordance with certain criteria - a so-called "site analysis". The factors investigated include the wind conditions and the minimum distance from conservation areas. If the site appears suitable in technical, planning and legal terms, we work with the local authorities to create all the other conditions required for implementation. The entire planning process including the approval procedure can be completed within 2 to 5 years. 



Backing the wind farm project

A major part of every project is securing the funding. A thorough analysis of the construction and operating costs is required; this also has to take legal and technical requirements into account. The PNE Group negotiates and concludes agreements with banks, insurance companies and other stakeholders and decision-makers during the project planning phase. 


Extensive expertise flows into the wind farm

Once approval has been obtained, the construction of the wind farm and the necessary infrastructure including cables and roads can begin. Everything is perfectly coordinated, from the construction of the wind power station and the installation of the various parts through to completion. We also use the latest technologies to create a high-capacity wind farm. The project is planned in close cooperation with everyone involved on site right from the start.



Forward-looking cooperation with strong partners

Once the wind farm has been commissioned, it is handed over to our reliable partners ready for operation - institutional investors,  energy suppliers, investment companies and international concerns. Efficient companies and suppliers guarantee that the wind farm will continue to function continuously in the long term. The wind farms we develop consequently make a significant contribution to climate protection while decreasing dependence on finite energy sources.

Own operation

IPP - Independent Power Producer

We operate some wind farms on our own account as independent power producers. This stabilises the basis of our income and allows us to gain insights which are invaluable for our project planning business. 



Competence for long-term success

The PNE Group usually takes over the technical and commercial management of the wind farm. This encompasses firstly the ongoing control of the wind farm, and secondly the coordination of maintenance and repair work. We make sure the wind farm is serviced and maintained regularly and that it runs as efficiently as possible.


Sustainable wind turbine use / Maximum efficiency with the latest technology

Like all technical facilities, wind farms have a specific useful life. The normal run-time is 20 years; afterwards, older turbine models may be replaced by newer ones with a higher capacity, a process known as "repowering". During repowering, the survey is reexamined and the approval procedure repeated as a matter of routine. Then the cycle can begin anew.