Ad hoc disclosures

PNE WIND AG purchases approx 54 percent of WKN AG

Cuxhaven, 19th April 2013 - PNE WIND AG, Cuxhaven, purchases approx. 54 percent of the shares in  the wind farm development specialist, WKN AG, Husum from the former majority shareholder, Volker Friedrichsen Beteiligungs-GmbH. The share purchase contract was signed today. The purchase price is based on a company valuation amounting to approx. EUR 93 million and will be paid by PNE WIND AG with cash funds and own shares. PNE WIND AG shares in the amount of 3,074,209, which were recently bought back at an average share price of Euro 2.66 will be used for this purpose. The Volker Friedrichsen Beteiligungs GmbH has informed PNE WIND AG that it, upon completion of the transaction, will purchase 168,680 convertible bonds issued in 2010 by PNE WIND AG from Luxempart SA, the current owner of the convertible bonds. The Volker Friedrichsen Beteiligungs-GmbH has also announced that they will exercise the conversion right of these convertible bonds into 7,667,272 shares upon completion of the transaction and will then hold approximately 20 percent of the expected number of outstanding PNE WIND AG shares.


PNE WIND AG completes share buyback programme

Cuxhaven, March 22nd, 2013 - PNE WIND AG has completed the share buyback programme resolved in December 2012. A total of 4,126,700 PNE WIND AG shares were bought back at an average share price of EUR 2.60 within the framework of the share buyback programme until today. This is equivalent to a share of about 9 percent of the company's current share capital. The company's Board of Directors has thus fully exploited the shareholders meeting's resolution dated 14th May 2009 authorising it to buy back up to 4,126,700 of the company's own shares.


PNE WIND AG plans to issue bonds and is negotiating a possible acquisition

Cuxhaven, 12th March 2013 - PNE WIND AG intends to issue corporate bonds in the first half of 2013 amounting to EUR 100 million on the Prime Standard segment of the Deutsche Börse (German Stock Exchange). PNE WIND AG intends to use the proceeds to fund both organic and inorganic future growth.

To this extent, the planned issuance of the corporate bond is in connection with exclusive talks, which PNE WIND AG is currently conducting, for the possible acquisition of over 50 % of the shares in a company. The target company is primarily active in the development of onshore wind farms in Germany and abroad. The initial price indication for 100 % of the shares amounts to EUR 100 million. PNE WIND AG is currently conducting Due Diligence.


PNE WIND AG: Extremely positive result in 2012 is the basis for increased dividend proposal

Cuxhaven, 12th March 2013 – The wind farm project developer, PNE WIND AG (ISIN: DE000A0JBPG2), has closed the financial year 2012 with an extremely positive result. The corporation’s operating result (EBIT) – the definitive key value for project business – amounts to EUR 20.4 million (previous year: EUR 0.1 million) based on the IFRS accounting rules. The result of normal business activity (EBT) amounts to about EUR 15.1 million (previous year: EUR -4.9 million). The undiluted corporate earnings per share was EUR 0.37 (previous year: EUR -0.09) and the diluted corporate earnings per share was EUR 0.31 (previous year: EUR -0.04).


PNE WIND AG approves share buyback programme

Cuxhaven, December 3, 2012 - PNE WIND AGs Board of Directors resolved on 3rd December 2012 to buy back up to 4,126,700 of its own shares on the stock exchange during the period from 4th December 2012 to 30th June 2013 (anticipated). The buyback volume amounts to approx. 9 percent of the company's total share capital. The Board of Directors is thus making use of the shareholders meeting's resolution dated 14th May 2009 which authorizes it to purchase up to 4,126,700 of its own shares by 13th May 2014. The shares bought back can be used for all purposes foreseen in the shareholders meeting's authorization resolution. This includes retiring the shares, the placement of the shares with select investors for cash payment close to the stock exchange price and or use of the shares for the acquisition of companies or investment in companies.



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