Ad hoc disclosures

PNE WIND AG acquires three offshore projects in the North Sea

Cuxhaven, September 17th, 2013 – PNE WIND AG (ISIN: DE000A0JBPG2) has acquired three offshore projects in the North Sea through its subsidiaries "Atlantis" I to III from BARD Engineering GmbH. The projects have been developed so far from the previous owner that they are currently in the planning approval process at the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). PNE WIND AG intends to develop the acquired projects through the permitting process and up until the point where they are ready to construct. 


PNE WIND AG has topped-up its corporate bond issue to EUR 100.0 million

Cuxhaven, 16th September 2013 – The wind farm project developer, PNE WIND AG, has successfully issued a second tranche of its 8.0% corporate bond issue 2013/2018 (WKN: A1R074 / ISIN: DE000A1R0741) to top-up its corporate bond within the scope of a private placement. Bonds with a total nominal value amounting to approx. EUR 33.7 million were subscribed by institutional investors. With this top-up, the maximum possible bond volume of EUR 100 million has now been reached.  The additional bonds will be included with the existing corporate bond issue in the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt stock exchange on Thursday, September 19, 2013. With the total bond volume of EUR 100.0 million now reached, the bonds are to be included in the Prime Standard segment for company bonds.


PNE WIND AG tops-up its corporate bond issue by up to EUR 33.6 million

Cuxhaven, 16th September 2013 – The Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of PNE WIND AG have resolved to top-up the 8.0% corporate bond issue 2013/2018 (WKN: A1R074/ISIN: DE000A1R0741) dated May 2013 by issuing up to 33,662 additional bonds valued at a total nominal value of up to EUR 33,662,000.00. The bonds will be offered today from 8:00 o’clock within the framework of a private placement. Close Brothers Seydler Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main will sponsor the top-up bond issue.


Debt reduced by approx. 16.9 mill Euro with the conversion of converttible bonds

Cuxhaven,  7.  August 2013 - The Volker Friedrichsen Beteiligungs-GmbH informed PNE WIND AG today that it has converted 168.680 convertible bonds issued by PNE WIND AG in 2010 into approx. 7.7 million new shares. As a result, PNE WIND AG has reduced its debt by approx. EUR 16.9 million as well as lowering future interest payments which would have been due on the bonds till the end of 2014 by approx. EUR 1.5 million.

The Volker Friedrichsen Beteiligungs-GmbH now holds approx. 20% of the approx. 54.2 million PNE WIND AG shares outstanding. Prior to converting the bond, the Volker Friedrichsen Beteiligungs-GmbH held approx. 6.6 percent of PNE WIND AG’s outstanding shares.

PNE WIND AG acquired a 53.42 percent stake in the Husum wind farm developer WKN AG from the Volker Friedrichsen Beteiligungs-GmbH in July.  As part of this transaction, the purchase of the bonds and their subsequent intention to convert the bonds into shares had already been announced.

PNE WIND sells remaining treasury shares

Cuxhaven, 12 July 2013 - PNE WIND AG has sold 1,052,491 treasury shares for approximately €2.75 million over the counter today to Close Brothers Seydler Bank AG, who will then place the shares with institutional investors.



  • Management focus on finding solutions, non-binding results of Annual General Meeting on June 16, 2015 now published

    Monday, 13. July 2015


  • WKN wind farm Apensen II approved - Commissioning planned for 2016

    Friday, 26. June 2015


  • Investigation proceedings not opened due to lack of initial suspicion

    Tuesday, 23. June 2015