Cuxhaven, 26. September 2012 – "The demand for wind farm projects as developed onshore and offshore by PNE WIND AG continues to be strong. This has been confirmed in many discussions held with energy suppliers, insurance companies and also financial investors during the specialist trade fair, "Husum Windenergy 2012. We are well positioned to take advantage of this demand because PNE WIND AG is currently preparing a portfolio of wind farm projects for sale in Germany and Great Britain comprising approx. 180 MW of nominal output. This package is to be offered to investors during the first half year of 2013" This is the positive conclusion drawn by the Chairman of the Board of PNE WIND, Martin Billhardt, and its Director for Operational Business, Markus Lesser, after the wind farm project developer's participation in the trade fair.

The Cuxhaven company’s project developers are currently working on many wind farm projects in Germany, South East Europe, Great Britain, Canada and the USA. The aim is to be able to realise these projects in the short and medium term. In addition to its three own offshore wind farms in the North Sea, many onshore projects are being developed in Germany as well as for international markets.

In addition, PNE AG also offers operators of wind farms the same technical and commercial operational management which it uses in daily business in its own wind farms.


  • WKN wind farm Apensen II approved - Commissioning planned for 2016

    Friday, 26. June 2015


  • Investigation proceedings not opened due to lack of initial suspicion

    Tuesday, 23. June 2015


  • Events surrounding Annual General Meeting

    Thursday, 18. June 2015